The 3Delta Denture System provides all the components needed to create highly esthetic 3D printed dentures. It consists of resins in multiple esthetic shades for the base and teeth, as well as a unique cementation system for safe and durable bonding of all components.

3Delta Denture Base

Light-curing resin for additive manufacturing of denture bases. It is available in two shades of pink and can be combined with either 3D printed composite teeth made of 3Delta Denture Teeth or PMMA teeth. A specially designed system consisting of 3Delta Denture Bond as a primer and dual-cure 3Delta Denture Fix as a luting composite ensures a secure bond between the two components.


  • Medical device class IIa [EU]
  • FDA cleared by 510(k) [USA]
  • Wavelength 385 nm 


3Delta Denture Base pink opaque, 1000 g 

3Delta Denture Base pink transparent, 1000 g 

3Delta Denture Bond, 10 ml
3 Delta Denture Fix, 8 g

Technical Data Sheet 3Delta Denture Base

3Delta Denture Teeth

Light-curing composite for the additive manufacture of denture teeth. Available in three shades for superior esthetic. Ideal for use with 3Delta Denture Base 3D printed denture bases.


  • Medical device class II [USA]
  • FDA listed [USA]
  • Wavelength 385 nm 


3Delta Denture Teeth A1, 1000 g 

3Delta Denture Teeth A2, 1000 g 

3Delta Denture Teeth A3, 1000 g 

3Delta Denture Teeth A3.5, 1000 g  

3Delta Denture Teeth C1, 1000 g 


The perfect addition for 3D-printed dentures

ACRIFIX is a light-curing, denture resin gel that can be used to customize and complete full dentures, especially those 3D-printed  from 3Delta Denture Base. The shades are matched to each other, so it's easy to contour aesthetic gingiva lines or make precise corrections and customizations with ACRIFIX from a syringe.

  • Medical device class IIa [EU]
  • Curing between 360 - 420 nm

ACRIFIX Set:  ACRIFIX pink 3 x 3 g + ACRIFIX Bonder 5 ml
ACRIFIX pink, 3 g syringe
ACRIFIX pink-opaque, 3 g syringe

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